How KEEKS olivia was named and Trademark Woes

Hello Everyone! 

I am Krystal, the founder of KEEKS olivia.  I have every intention of sitting down one day soon and writing the story of how KEEKS came to be; when time permits I promise to do that! But for now, just to get this blog started, I am going to answer the one question I consistently get did I come up with the name KEEKS olivia? 

This is a great questions and if you ever plan on starting your own company listen up for some trademarking advice!

I came across an article that revealed how the founder of Kodak, George Eastman, named the camera and film corporation in 1888. Eastman's favorite letter was "k", he is quoted as saying, "it seems a strong, incisive sort of letter." He decided he wanted the name to start and end with a k. He and his mother devised the name with an Anagrams set.  It was chosen because it was impossible to mispronounce and was disimilar to any existing words.

Other articles stated the word Kodak is a fun word to say.  I consider myself a fun person so I, of course, needed a fun company name to match :-) 

I initially filed the name KEEKS with the United States Patent and Trademark office  and after several months of being reviewed was denied the name because a company in Seoul, South Korea already owned the name KEEK and the two names were too similar and the products carried too similar to be granted the name.  

I could have argued against the USPTO's decision but I truly felt like the stand along name was not meant to be so I added the name Olivia.  Why Olivia?  I felt like KEEKS is a really fun name and Olivia is a sophisticated name so when you put the two together the return is SOPHISTICATED FUN and that's exactly what the KEEKS olivia brand is! 

United States Patent and Trademark Lessons Learned

1.) It cost $275 (for most small businesses) to file for a trademark name.  If your trademark name is denied, it cost another $275 to re-file for a new name even if the new name is a slight revision.  (They will make an exception if a word is misspelled) 
2.) Research the name before filing to make sure it's not already taken or not similar to another name with products similar to yours.
3.) If your name is denied and you're dead set on that name, I suggest hiring a Trademark Attorney to appeal the USPTO's decision.  You can possibly still get the name, but you want to leave that to the experts! 
4.) I personally did not hire an attorney to obtain the name KEEKS olivia or have an attorney search for similar names.  I did the search myself and found nothing similar and with fingers crossed submitted the name and got it! 
5.) Do your own trademark research to determine which route is best for your particular situation 

KEEKS olivia is a female founded company with the belief that when women support one one another incredible things can happen! 

Our mission is to encourage others to live their best life, to turn life's little lemons into positive lessons, and to stay hungry for personal personal growth. 

The future is female!